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Why you must clean window mosquito nets

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To fully enjoy an airy and insect-free environment, you must clean the window mosquito nets on a regular basis. Surely, you may have already noticed that the protective nets you have installed accumulate dirt. The leading roller mosquito net supplier from Kolkata tells us the significance of keeping window mosquito nets clean.

The importance of cleaning window mosquito nets

The following points depict the impact of keeping your window mosquito nets clean:

  • Prevention of mosquito breeding

Mosquitoes may lay their eggs in stagnant water that collects on unclean window screens. Regular cleansing helps in eliminating debris, dirt and stagnant water. This eliminates the risk of mosquito breeding and the possible spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and Zika virus. In addition to mosquitoes, dirty window mosquito nets may attract other pests such as flies, ants and spiders. Cleansing the screens removes food particles and debris that may attract pests, helping to prevent infestations.

  • Enhances aesthetic appeal

Clean window screens contribute to the overall hygiene and appearance of your home’s exterior. Regular upkeep helps maintain the visual charm and creates a positive impression for guests.

  • Extending lifespan

Regular maintenance may help in extending the lifespan of window screens. Dirt and debris may cause wear and tear over periods of time, leading to damage and deterioration. By keeping the screens clean, it can prolong their usability and avoid the need for early replacement. Moreover, neglected window screens may require more extensive cleaning or repairs if dust particles and debris are allowed to collect over prolonged periods of time. Daily upkeep may help prevent the need for expensive repairs or replacements down the line. The best roller mosquito net supplier from Kolkata provides quality products that are durable.

  • Improves visibility

Dust and grime buildup on window screens may affect the view from inside and outside the house. Tidying the screens restores clarity and allows natural light to enter the room without any interference.

  • Airflow maintenance

Window screens that are dirty may become clogged with dust, pollen and other particles. This causes an obstruction to airflow and ventilation. Dusting the screens ensures that air can flow freely into the house while keeping insects and mosquitoes out.

  • Prevents allergies

Grit, pollen and other types of allergens may collect on window screens, especially during the seasons when pollination takes place. Cleaning on a daily basis helps reduce allergen buildup, improving indoor air quality and lowering allergy symptoms for individuals who are sensitive.


To sum it up, the top roller mosquito net supplier from Kolkata recommends periodic cleansing of window screens to avoid diseases and pointless expenses.

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