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Mosquito nets: Know the varieties

mosquito net designs
mosquito net designs

Mosquito nets are the most non-toxic way to keep disease-causing mosquitoes away, saving you from illnesses like dengue and malaria. However, mosquito nets don’t have to mean those boring aesthetically unappealing nets. You can choose the best suitable nets that meet your purpose, aesthetics and decor of the space. Below, the top manufacturer of sliding mosquito nets in Kolkata has discussed its three most common types.

Types of mosquito nets

  • Sliding mosquito net:

Sliding mosquito nets in Kolkata offer a sophisticated appearance to your interiors. These are aluminum sliding windows with mosquito nets. These retractable screens can be used in the form of mosquito screen doors to prevent insects from entering your space.

These mosquito nets are ideal for large openings, and they also help you to free up space for different purposes. Sliding mosquito nets comprise two, three, or more meshes that can be replaced several times without any new framework.

Sliding mosquito nets can be cleaned easily. Their track profiles enable a smooth operation. The window screens are made up of aluminum or stainless steel. Most importantly, they keep away small insects from your space and add a graceful look to your home.

  • Pleated mosquito net:

Pleated mosquito nets are new-age protective nets. They look similar to a screen with pleats that unfold as you slide to close or open it. Their mesh is made up of aluminum or steel wires, which together form a sheet of hard mesh. It can be used for both windows and doors and lets in sunlight and air but prevents the entry of mosquitoes.

These nets are foldable and detachable. Due to their flexibility, they offer complete protection against pollutants, dust particles, and insects. You can easily use them in a small space and they are easy to maintain.

The innovative screens or detachable screens look decorative and modern. Moreover, it can be used easily by older people and children without any difficulty. Minimum to no effort is required to open the pleated mosquito nets. When not in use, they can be stored neatly away from any damage.

  • Collapsible mosquito net:

Collapsible mosquito nets are great for people who want to protect their home against mosquitoes and other kinds of insects. These nets are designed to be portable, easy to use, and lightweight, says a manufacturer of collapsable mosquito nets in Kolkata. This makes them a great option for anyone who wants to protect themselves from different insects in varied settings. Additionally, they come with a large mesh size that allows proper ventilation.

The best manufacturer of sliding mosquito nets in Kolkata has discussed the top three types of mosquito nets. Pick the one that you find most suitable for your needs and use them to protect yourself and your family against mosquitos and other insects.